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    Private buildings and parcels of land

    Building at Vatušių Str. 16A, Rietavas

    Building is located on the outskirts of Rietavas, with the total area of 835 sq.m., in the area above the administrative premises, on the second floor, there are about 150 sq. m. premises that are not included in the total area.

    Parcel of land. Area – 0.2616 ha. Asphalted and enclosed territory. With fire reservoir. Access to the plot is asphalted.
    Communications: electricity 170 kW, municipal water supply and sewerage, boiler for the production of warm water, solid fuel boiler.

    Perfect for production, warehousing, commercial activities.
    A carton packaging company was based in the premises.

    For more detailed information, please contact by telephone +370 616 54 770 or e-mail [email protected]


    Building at Laisvės Str. 3, Rietavas

    Former cinema. Total area – 410 sq.m. A commercial parcel of land of 0.13 ha has been formed at the building. There is an asphalted car park next to it. The building has electricity, plumbing, rain and sewage networks. Condition of the building – subject to renovation. The building is located on a busy street in a strategically convenient location in the city centre, adjacent to the main market operating the whole week. The building is suitable for office, production, trade, storage, etc.

    For more detailed information, please contact by telephone +370 682 11 256 or e-mail [email protected]

    Building at Drobstai Village

    Alyvų Str. 9, Drobstai Village

    Former potato storage building. Its area – 833.30 sq.m., there is a parcel of land of 0.1874 ha formed next to it. Location is convenient for development of production activities.

    For more detailed information, please contact by telephone +370 614 18 434.


    Parcel of land in Rietavas

    Parcel of land of 4.8449 ha near the main crossroads of Rietavas town (republican roads Mažeikiai-Tauragė and Kryžkalnis-Rietavas-Vėžaičiai). Purpose of the parcel of land – other. Suitable for the construction of industrial and storage facilities, 2.7 ha of it is planned to be built-up and installed hard-coated surfaces.
    The western part of the parcel of land has 10 KV overhead lines.

    For more detailed information, please contact by telephone  +370 620 64 917 or e-mail [email protected]


    Parcel of land in Kalakutiškė Village

    A parcel of land of 1.20 ha is located next to the republican significance road Kryžkalnis-Rietavas-Vėžaičiai. For more detailed information, please contact by telephone +370 682 11 256 or my e-mail [email protected]

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