Rietavo savivaldybė

Savivaldybės biudžetinė įstaiga,
Laisvės al. 3, 90316 Rietavas,
Tel. (8 448) 73 200, Faks. (8 448) 73 222,
El. p. [email protected]
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    UAB “Kaunošilas”

    We settled in the Kalakutiškės Village, Rietavas municipality, in 2008. When choosing a place, we first focus on the geographical location that suits our needs. Rietavas turned out to be the most suitable.When asked in a municipality about our concern, we were pleasantly surprised by the goodwill of its leaders and specialists.We have been offered a number of places where we can establish a business unit.We have chosen the most suitable place and now it is already 9 years when we produce thermal insulation from polystyrene foam.During the first year, our company specialists from Kaunas helped to form personnel of the unit, trained the employees. Since then, we employ only local people.


    Vytautas Adomavičius


    UAB “Rietuva”

    The activity of our company is the production of paper cellular filler, therefore we needed a strategically good geographical location. We chose Rietavas. This town is closer to the geographical centre of Lithuania. As we are the representatives of the circular economy, it is important for us to provide raw materials and reach the buyers of the products. Based in Rietavas, the cost of logistics organization and transportation will be lower, compared to being settle in Klaipėda.

    Also, the fact that a large number of companies that are developing a variety of activities already operates in Rietavas, which suggests that people living here are more adapted to change, is appealing as well.

    Another advantage of the municipality of Rietavas is its dynamism and flexibility.Any questions here are dealt with much faster than in the big municipalities.Our company is not big, and it is a pleasure to receive attention and help from the local government.It includes financial support from the municipality, as well as assistance in managing the infrastructure necessary for the company’s operations, receiving EU support, and expeditiously addressing important issues of the new company.Our company starts production in early 2018.In the future, we plan to recruit 100-120 people and hope that we will not have any big problems. 


    Ramūnas Skurvydas


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